Eye Care Myths That May Mislead You

Posted on: 9 April 2021

A person that underestimates the importance of effectively caring for their eyesight can be at a much greater risk of developing serious problems and complications that may ruin or severely impair their eyesight. Misinformation about the basics of eye care can be particularly problematic for individuals as they are making choices about this essential form of care.

Myth: Ophthalmologists Only Provide Major Eye Care Procedures

A person may be under the impression that they will only need to visit an ophthalmologist if they are needing to undergo major eye surgery or have other serious treatments performed. In reality, these professionals can provide patients with a full range of eye care needs. For example, ophthalmology service providers can administer basic eye exams and write prescriptions for corrective lenses while also being able to perform surgery to remove cataracts or to correct other eye problems.

Myth: There Are No Disadvantages To Using Different Eye Care Providers

Individuals will often be extremely diligent when it comes to always visit the same primary care doctor for their general health needs. Yet, they may not take the same approach with their eye care. This can lead to them using multiple different providers to meet these care needs. Unfortunately, this can cause some significant complications as well. When a person always uses the same ophthalmologist for their eye exams and other needs, these professionals will be able to more closely monitor the development of any eye problems that you are experiencing, as well as being more likely to find new problems before they become severe.

Myth: Eye Surgery Will Always Require A Lengthy Recovery

In many cases, you will find that it is unavoidable for you to have to undergo surgery to correct your eye problems. While eye surgery can be an intimidating procedure to undergo, individuals will often find that these procedures are not as painful as they may assume, and they will typically have a fairly short recovery period. Many individuals will find that they can return to their normal schedule in as little as a couple of days following their eye surgery procedures. During this time, you may need to wear protective sunglasses, as your eyes may be extremely sensitive to light until they have healed. Due to the importance of having your recovery go smoothly, any follow-up visits with your eye doctor should be taken seriously so that the doctor can monitor the healing process and quick steps can be taken if a complication starts to develop.