Proper Contact Lens Care

Posted on: 14 September 2015

If you have just been given the news that you are in need of corrective lenses, you may want to try wearing contact lenses so you do not alter your appearance by wearing glasses while out in public. There are a few steps you need to take to ensure your contact lenses are properly cared for so they last and so your eyes are not at risk for injury. Here are some tips to use when you are first getting used to wearing contact lenses.    

Restrict Usage

When first using contact lenses it is a good idea to limit the amount of time you keep them in your eyes so your eyes have a chance to get used to having less oxygen available. Your eyes are covered with the lenses, restricting the amount of air that gets inside. Although this is not harmful, it can cause you to feel as if you have dry eyes until your become accustomed to the presence of lenses. Use lubricating eye drops made especially for contact lens wearers if you feel any dryness from wearing them.

Handle With Care

Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses so you do not transfer particles of dirt or bacteria into your eyes. When putting contacts into your eye, use plenty of solution to rinse them first. Always take your contact lenses out of your eyes before taking a nap or sleeping for the night, as they can dry up inside your eyes when your eyelids are closed. This can cause scratching of your eye or the ripping of your contact lenses.

Take Time Placing

Stand in front of a mirror while putting contacts in to make the process a bit easier. Many lens will have small letters or numbers stamped on the side of each lens. This helps you determine if they are being put in properly or if they are inside-out. Check your packaging to see if there is a difference with your lenses before trying to put them in. 

Put a contact lens on your index finger and use the fingers on your other hand to gently pull your skin away from your eye by pushing downward on your cheekbone. This gives you more room to get your contact into place properly. Place the contact lens over your eye and blink several times to make sure it has been placed properly. If you can feel it, take it out and rinse it again to remove any debris you may have missed. Click here for more information on custom contact lenses.