Common Types Of Soft Contact Lenses

Posted on: 11 March 2015

If you have vision problems, even simple daily tasks may become very difficult. For many years, wearing corrective eyeglasses was the most common option for improving the vision. However, in the last several years, contact lenses have become a more popular way to correct the vision without changing your appearance. Soft contact lenses are most commonly used because they are more comfortable than hard, rigid contacts. These are the most common types of soft contact lenses and the advantages of wearing them.

Daily Wear Soft Contacts 

Daily wear soft contacts can be worn every day and are easy to adapt to. They are made of a soft, flexible plastic material so that oxygen passes through to the eyes freely. These were the first soft contact lenses to become available on the market and have remained popular among contact wearers for many years.

Daily wear soft contact lenses are easier to wear and remove than rigid contacts. They are available in bifocal lenses so that even those who have severe vision problems can improve their sight by wearing them.

Extended Wear Soft Contacts 

Extended wear soft contacts are designed to be worn for longer periods of time. They can be worn overnight and do not cause irritation of the eyes. These contacts can be worn up to a week at a time and are perfect for those who have busy lifestyles and do not have time to remove and clean their contacts every day.

Disposable Extended Wear Soft Contacts  

Disposable extended wear soft contacts are also quickly becoming a favorite among contact wearers. These contacts can be worn for several days without removal and then thrown away. Usually they are worn for no more than a week at a time before being discarded.

Disposable extended wear soft contact lenses are sterile when inserted into the eyes and do not have to be removed for cleaning. These contacts are also available in tinted lenses. Those who like to change the color of their eyes from time to time often prefer wearing disposable extended wear soft contact lenses.

Planned Replacement Soft Contacts 

Another option for those who wear contact lenses is wearing planned replacement soft contacts. These lenses are worn and then replaced every two weeks, or in one month or three months. These lenses can be cleaned as often as needed and worn for a designated length of time. This type of contact lens is available in almost any prescription including bifocals.

If you wear contacts regularly and want to prevent your eyes from getting dry and irritated, you may want to consider using products or techniques that are used to keep the eyes moist. This may include using artificial tear eye drops, taking supplements or wearing soft contacts designed for dry, sensitive eyes.

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