How Can I Bounce Back From Facial Plastic Surgery?

Posted on: 26 February 2015

In 2012, there were about 15 million cosmetic procedures performed for patients in the United States. More people than ever are looking for ways to get a little cosmetic work done, and facelifts are among the most popular options. However, always remember that this is an incredibly invasive surgery, so you should be mindful of the healing process that follows. By taking advantage of the healing process in the right manner, you'll be able to not only enjoy the finished product sooner, but will also get back to your regular life without problems. If you have received facial plastic surgery, consider these guidelines to get you through the healing process. 

#1: Listen To Your Doctor And Avoid Vices

Even though there is plenty of advice on the healing process, you should put the instructions of your doctor above all. Your doctor has actually provided you with hands-on care and will have a more informed opinion on what you can expect moving forward. The doctor will best be able to cater instructions to your particular situation, so you should get some notes from them in writing and follow their tips every day. You should also help yourself out by avoiding vices during the healing process. You should avoid alcohol, since you're gong to be taking prescription pain medicine to heal. You should also avoid smoking, since it restricts your lung function and will slow your healing process. 

#2: Put Your Life In Order Prior To The Surgery

If you are not currently organized, you should work to organize your life as much as possible before going under the knife. This  means setting up your bills and errands, making your home safe and easy for you to get plenty of rest and stocking your cabinets and refrigerator with plenty of food, so that you can feed yourself without having to leave the house and strain. By setting yourself up for success before the surgery, the healing process will be that much easier. 

#3: Get Plenty Of Rest

Because you will typically experience some residual bleeding and since your stitches are fresh, you should avoid doing anything strenuous that raises your heart rate to high levels. Give yourself the freedom to sleep and lie down, so that you can heal completely, as opposed to rushing back to work too soon. Your doctor will typically give you a timetable on when you can start back doing things like working out and operating a motor vehicle. 

Follow these tips and the road to recovery after your facial cosmetic surgery will be smooth.